Why Your Dog Licks You

Your dog licks you for a number of different reasons. Some you may not know and some will seem simple to you. So be sure to read the article and let us know what you think!

Firstly we’ll start off with the most simple reason that your dog licks you are simply just to show affection towards their owner. As licking is a dogs way of displaying their love and affection for humans. Dogs are also known to be affectionate animals, especially with their owner. Plus when a dog licks you, their brains release endorphins or happiness hormones which calms them down and reassures them that everything is okay. In terms of context, if you want to relate this to a different scenario then it is probably the same comforting feeling that a child would feel when their parents hug or kiss them.

Dogs will also use licking as a way of communication, as humans would use body language, speech or sound, dogs have their own unique methods such as barking or wagging their tail and licking is a dog’s unique way of communication. They may be trying to tell you that they want something from you, like some food or water. However, whatever it is that they want, by giving you a lick will indicate that they want something.

Another method of communication from a dog is that you’ll find that they literally just want your attention. Like a needy child, your puppy craves your love and attention and they know that you will give it to them if they hassle you for long enough. Dogs love to show that they love you so why not show them that you love them too by giving them a fuss, a treat or a belly rub?

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