Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds As Puppies

In this article you will read about the Leather Dog Co’s cutest dog breeds as puppies so we hope you enjoy this article and if you would like to treat your dog to some special treats this year why not kit them out in our leather dog accessories which you can find here!

French Bulldog

Like the pug and English bulldog. There is just something about the French Bulldog’s flat face that is so endearing that we just love it! Especially with those big ears of theirs, then you have one cute little pup. Although if you are looking to get a french bulldog, then it may cost you a fair amount!

Golden Retriever

You will often find these little fellows in TV adverts, and there’s a good reason as to why… They’re simply adorable! There is something so heartwarming that surrounds this cute dog breeds.


After the world went pug crazy a couple of years, the Pug is still definitely at the top of the list when it comes to the cutest dog breeds out there. Their looks may be slightly different but you just can’t help but feel warm when you see a pug puppy. Their bug eyes, curly tail, and tiny face will melt your heart.

Saint Bernard

Those huge paws and their bodies being covered head to toe in extra soft fur. The saint bernard puppy is one of the cutest dog breeds that are around. Their adoring little faces are what gives them the place on this list! I mean seriously, look at them!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

When it comes to dogs giving their owners a “sad look” then the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is definitely at the top of the list for this! No one can resist their little face, which makes them one of the more popular dog breeds on the list and one of the cutest dog breeds on the list too.


The Dalmatian may have the most distinctive coat of fur on the planet and every single doggo you will meet of this breed will be completely different appearance wise in their own special way. This furry breed is absolutely adorable as a puppy. An interesting fact about the dalmatian that you may not have known. Is that the puppies only develop their distinctive spots later in their life. When they are born, they are born completely white.


Whilst often associated with running through the cold wintery winds with their pack pulling a sled. But that shouldn’t hideaway the fact that the husky is one of the most adorable dogs on the planet. Especially when they’re a puppy! Just be prepared for their non stop energy when you first take one home!

Shiba Inu

The subject of the once very popular ‘doge’ meme, the Shiba Inu caused the entire internet to fall in love with them. Their fluffy little faces are just simply irresistible to us owners. Originating from Japan, you will find that the entire world loves Shiba Inu’s! Shiba Inu’s are one of the worlds most favourite dog breeds in the world and it’s rare that you’ll find an Instagram post of one of these that doesn’t have loads of likes just Joey!


The most popular dog breed in the USA for over 25 years. Subject to being the face of the Andrex adverts, the Labrador has been so many times on the TV. Their sweet little faces are just too much for us dog owners which makes them one of the more popular dogs on this list.


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