The Smallest Dog Breeds In The World

Following on from our ‘Largest Dog Breeds In The World‘ post, we’ve decided to now look at the smallest breeds. Instead of following the route of giving you the measurements, ww want to talk more about the breeds themselves, because the personalities associated with the breeds is well worth a read.

Russian Toy

The Russian Toy (or Russkiy Toy) is a very, very small breed of dog that comes from Russia (obviously), but derives from the English Toy Terrier. When I say that they’re very small, they typically only weigh between 1kg – 3kg, so they’re about as tiny as you can come across. There is both long & short haired breeds of the dog, both equally as beautiful & both equally as small.

They’re very loving animals & usually care for their family a lot, so you can guarantee that the Russian Toy would be a loyal pet. They can be quite reserved to strangers, but if they are introduced in the right manner, you can be sure that they will be great. As a very active & cheerful breed, you can be sure that you’ll be spending a lot of time playing as they love to run around.

The breed was only provisionally recognised by the FCI in 2006 & is expected to gain its definitive recognition at some point this year. This is because until the 1990s, the dog was basically unknown outside of Russia, so it wasn’t really know to any other country. Since then, there have been various kennels set up around Europe & interest is also growing in Japan & the USA.


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Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin (or Japanese Spaniel) is essentially considered royalty in Japan as it’s very important to Japanese nobility, this tiny breed has a very distinctive heritage. The Japanese Chin is again, very small, not as small as the Russian Toy, but still small. It weighs on average between 3.2kg – 4.1kg but the AKC & the FCI give no weight requirements for the dog.

It is considered to be very cat like in both appearance & traits. This is because it’s a very intelligent breed & they also have a very good sense of balance with a tendency to rest on high surfaces. While being very calm dogs, they’re well know for being very entertaining because they’re easy to train.

As for their importance to Japanese nobility, they are considered to be companions in Japan, which is different to most other breeds. Most other breeds of dog are seen as worker or helper animals. It is this superiority that led Japanese royalty to restrict ownership to those of royal & noble blood.


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The Papillon (0r Continental Toy Spaniel) is another spaniel type dog, this time it is more well known than the Japanese Chin & the Russian Toy though. Typically weighing between 3.2kg – 4.5kg, it’s another small dog, but it stands out from the crowd with it’s fringed ear hair. For those who didn’t know, Papillon means ‘butterfly’ in French, which is given to them because of the appearance of their ears.

They are very loving, playful & adventurous dogs that will suit any family. They aren’t shy or aggressive by any means & will make a great companion for a family. They are a very active breed & playing usually wears them out a lot, but they should still have a daily walk, just like all other dogs.

The Papillon is another dog that has a great association with royalty, as it was greatly associated with Marie Antoinette. The dog is also know as the ‘Squirrel Spaniel’ in various places because of the tail (it slightly resembles that of a squirrel).


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The Affenpinscher (or Monkey Terrier) is a German breed of dog that dates back to around the 17th century. The breed is ancestral to the Griffon Bruxellois (which we talk about next). This breed can weigh anywhere between 2.9kg – 6.0kg, so again it is a relatively lightweight dog. The coats are quite rough if they aren’t treated, but if they are, then they will be quite a soft & fluffy dog.

They’re are a breed with many defined traits, as they are both active but stubborn. This means that when it comes to training your Affenpinscher, you’ll have to use various techniques to makes sure that it’s effective. They’re very loving animals towards their families, which makes them the ideal family companion.


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Griffon Bruxellois

The Griffon Bruxellois (or Brussels Griffon) is a toy dog that originates from Brussels. There are technically 3 different types of dog that fall under the ‘Griffon Bruxellois’ bracket, which vary in coat colour & length mainly. Again, as a small dog, they can weigh anything between 2.5kg – 5.5kg, which is deemed healthy for this breed.

The Griffon Bruxellois is know to be able to get a long with almost any other animals, as well as being great with children. They’re known to have a big heart, which means that they love a cuddle with their master, which is great for any pet lover. As with most smaller dogs, they have no concept of their own size, so if you have any other pets in the house that are bigger, be sure to keep a look out for the Griffon Bruxellois trying to dominate.

The Griffon Bruxellois grew massively in popularity during the late 19th century with both workers and noblemen. Although, as time has gone on, they’re now aren’t as popular & generally an uncommon breed, which is sad because they’re such amazing dogs.


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