Red Leather Dog Harness


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Red Leather Dog harness

Hand Made In England



Red Leather Dog Harness

Get Your Red Leather Dog Harness From The Leather Dog Co Today!

The Leather Dog Co have created a range of premium quality leather dog harnesses made using quality soft leather including our red leather dog harness. The leather dog harnesses are made using soft leather for comfort yet built to be extra strong and long lasting. All of our leather dog harnesses have a classic, vintage look whilst also being durable and long lasting. Our range of leather dog harnesses is available in a number of sizes to suit all breeds. All of our products are made to the highest standard and quality possible. All our products are handcrafted here in the UK with all leather and hardware locally sourced ensuring our products are 100% British made. Complete the set with the matching red leather dog collar, lead and matching red leather poo bag holder for your dog.

Treat your dog to finer walks of life with our very own unique red leather dog harness. Since our establishment, we have been so committed to providing a high quality dog harness with a difference that doesn’t pull or feel uncomfortable to your dog or puppy and with every single one of our harnesses being handmade we have managed to design an adjustable dog harness that does just that!

Our red leather dog harness comes in a wide range of sizes for your dog in order to fit whatever dog breed that you own! The Leather Dog Co prides itself on its premium quality of leather which is made in England in order to provide our customers with the finest products and with the finest customer service! If you have any questions regarding our red leather dog harnesses then be sure to get in touch with us today!

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What Makes Our Red Leather Dog Harness Different?

Hundreds of hours have been spent into making sure that our red leather dog harnesses are made from the finest premium leather in order to make sure that we provide every single one of our customers with a high quality product that both you and your dog will enjoy. We have a range of different sizes and colours for you to pick the best style for your dog. Rather than just picking a mundane and boring harness for your dog.

Benefits Of A Red Leather Dog Harness

When you’re out for walkies with your canine pal you will have greater control over your dog, especially if you are taking a stroll on a busy road or around other dogs. Especially since a harness will not cause pain for your dog either, as the material that we use is designed to make sure that each harness is comfortable for your dog or puppy. Another benefit of a red leather dog harness is that a dog harness will not restrict breathing and will prevent choking.

A harness will lift your dog up slightly when pulled preventing your pooch purchase on the ground which reduces pulling whilst also keeping your dog’s neck and throat safe. This makes it better than a normal lead and collar would.

With a dog harness from The Leather Dog Co, you can prevent your pet from jumping up against people. Which means that people will be more comfortable around your dog if they are a little nervous about interacting with your dog, no matter how friendly your doggo is.

If you have a very energetic dog who just loves to run around when on walks then it helps keep complete control over as many dogs as possible especially if you walk more than one.

What Is A Leather Dog Harness Made From?

Our dog harnesses are made from the finest leather on the market. We came together to produce a product that both we can proud of and that is huge in quality and at an affordable price for our loving customers. Every single one of our leather dog harnesses is handmade here in England and shipped out across the world because our customers know the quality of product that they are getting. Our webbing leather dog harnesses are made from military grade cotton webbing which allows it to comfortably fit your dog and last a very long time.

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  1. Dave The Doberman

    I got this red leather dog harness as part of the complete box set and I have to say that I’m overwhelmed by it’s quality. 5 stars all the way and great value for money

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