The Leather Dog Co stock a huge range of multicoloured dog poop bag holders for your dog or puppy. Every single leather dog poop bag holder we produce is handmade to perfection in order to allow us to provide our beloved customers with the finest quality leather poop bag holders on the market. Our poop bag holders are fit for any dog no matter what size and also come as part of our complete leather dog box set. Available in a huge range of colours we have the colour for you and your dog / puppy. Be sure to take a look at the wide range of products we have on offer here at The Leather Dog Co and pick the right style that’s right for your pupper! Treat your dog to a brand new leather dog poop bag holder, handmade from the finest premium leather and unlike other poo bag holders our holders are specially designed in order to not cause any discomfort to your dog and make sure that they are happy which can only result in a happy dog! If you require any additional information regarding our holders then be sure to get in touch via our contact page.

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