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There are countless movies around today with dogs in, but sometimes there are just some that stand out more than others. While we’ve all seem countless stories about Lassie & Beethoven (who were both great in their respective movies), I want to take a look at the dogs that don’t always get as much limelight. Personally, I think that the dogs I will mention deserve to be up there with Lassie & Beethoven.


Fang is the beloved dog of Hagrid (Harry Potter). I personally chose him because
he is the standout dog out of every film I have watched, not by any means is he a lead character, he’s just really lovable. He’sis portrayed in the films as a Boarhound, but in actual fact is played by a Neapolitan Mastiff. 3 dogs in total have played the role of Fang in the series; Monkey, Hugo & Uno. For me, he stands out because of his mannerisms & temperament, I can’t think of a more lackadaisical dog (for lack of a better term).

It’s also his drooling that just makes him even more lovable. As Hagrid’s only companion, he is really an essential part of the film, even though making only very brief appearances.

As a dog lover, I couldn’t think of a better companion than Fang, regardless of his size.


Marley from the film Marley & Me was played by a staggering 22 dogs during the course of the movie. This may seem a lot, but when you consider the fact that you see the whole life course of Marley, it’s not too bad.

This dog is definitely one that you fall in love with from the get-go. What makes it better is that you’re following the life story of a dog that can literally do anything & even you as the viewer would struggle to stay mad at him. For me, he’s defiantly a favourite as I’m sure you’ll all agree.


Some of you will be wondering who exactly Samantha (Sam) is, she is the only living companion of Robert Neville (Will Smith) in I Am Legend. During the opening scenes of the film, it is clear to see that he lives for his dog, Sam, who clearly feels the same way about him. Watching the two characters you quickly become very attached to them after the scene of his daughter handing him the puppy.

As the film goes on, the view begins to get more & more attached to the pair & when the inevitable happens & Sam becomes infected, the following moments aren’t easy to watch at all.

These are my selections, why don’t you let us here at The Leather Dog Co. know what you think & even let us know what characters you would of chosen?



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