Why Your Dog Follows You Around

Why Does Your Dog Follow You Around?

You may be wondering why your dog follows you around everywhere you go. Sometimes you’re performing such an innocent task around your house and then all of a sudden your dog appears right at your side.

Firstly you need to understand that dogs are animals that usually live in “packs”. If you don’t know what this is this is where an animal will live in a group of the same species and they will live and hunt together in order to survive. Your dog will adapt to your family by considering your family as their “pack”. Dogs are also very sociable animals and descend from animals that live in packs such as wolves etc so when you leave for work etc your dog may feel vulnerable as the “leader of the pack” is not there. So when you return your dog will follow to show you that your presence in the household is very reassuring for them and that they feel better with you there.

Also, you may not believe this but dogs are naturally curious animals and your presence, or whatever you’re doing has attracted their attention and they are just simply wondering what you are doing in the house. You must also consider that what you’re doing in the house could also be an opportunity for your pet and if they are not curious about what you are doing then they may miss out. For example, if you’re preparing a meal for your family then there may be some spare food going around for them or may even a treat or two.

Finally, you may find that your dog will follow you around simply because they love you! They don’t want you to leave them because they are scared you will never come back. You will find it obvious that your dog loves you and that they will clearly need to show you in order to make it known to you. You will have an unbreakable relationship with your pet and that is not something to be taken likely. So the reason why your dog follows you around is that of the unconditional love that they have for you! Also, they may hope that you give them a treat or two.


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