10 Strange Things Your Dog Does

In this guide, you will read about the strange things that your dog loves to do. You may not even be aware of the strange list of things that your dog loves to do!

Making Their Bed

When you’re dog turns in circles for what will seem like hours before they end up laying down for a long sleep. It isn’t actually to make themselves dizzy, but in fact, it’s to it make their own bed. Like their ancestors would have done in the wild, this process would feature them stamping down leaves and marking their scent to get themselves comfortable and safe. This walking around the bed signals to other dogs and animals that this is their area.

Lost Jewellery? Blame The Dog

Dogs love these kinds of objects. From your favourite necklace all the way to your mobile phone. Dogs love things that are shiny and even have the behaviour patterns to quickly snatch them away and take them to other rooms in your house. Your dog will also to hide your valuables in places like under cushions or in your laundry. Where they think you won’t find them of course but of course it doesn’t take long for you find it of course. But at least they try to hide it!

Before dogs were domestic pets, meals weren’t always guaranteed. Any leftovers were buried to help preserve the extra food. The dogs would then come back and eat what they’d buried later when they wanted or required it. But for some, the behaviour is done because it helps to keep boredom at bay, giving them something to do during the day.


Dogs are more than willing to leap into the water if they think some is in need of help. But just because a dog jumps into a swimming pool doesn’t mean they’re there to play the role of a lifeguard. Many breeds of dogs absolutely love the water and are happy to use a swim in order to get some exercise. In fact, you’ll find that vets recommend swimming as an activity for older dogs that have joint issues. Dogs are able to swim in normal pools just like you, but you need to make sure to give them a rinse afterwards. As the chlorine can wreak the same havoc on their fur as it can on your own hair.

Eating In Private

We find that a lot of dog owners mistakenly think dogs are like people when it comes to eating in public. People usually come together to eat, even if it is just for a quick snack whilst on a break at work. The way that dogs eat is based on the alpha hierarchy. However, with the pack leader usually playing dominance and getting first fruits on the food.

To a domesticated dog, you are that alpha, and you have the role that the pack leader would have. So your dog might feel more comfortable eating in a private space where it knows you’re not going to lay claim to its food. Don’t be surprised if your dog takes what you give it to another room to eat either. Another reason dogs love to eat in their own space is that they can be free of any distractions. If their food is in an area of your house where there’s a ton of foot traffic or visual stimulation, then it can make them nervous to the point where they don’t eat as they should. This can put them at risk for nutritional problems that put their health at risk.

Frozen Treats

For a dog, they love frozen goodies in the hot sun. Dogs can sweat only through the pads on their feet so unlike humans, dogs have to use their tongues in order to control their temperature. When they pant, they lot hot and moist air out of their mouth and take in the air that is cooler. When your dog can eat or lick something cold, this process gets an added boost, helping your doggo cool down fast when they’re overheated.

Listening To Music

Dogs are very well known for their sense of smell, but you may not know they have a great sense of pitch, too.
In fact, when dogs howl, they will pay attention to what other dogs sound like, purposely changing their tone so they are heard as unique. Although dogs might not “sing” the way people do, their sense of pitch does affect how they hear music, and it influences mood in the same way experts believe it influences the emotions of people.

Sitting On Your Feet

This behavior isn’t problematic unless the dog does it when you’d like to be moving or is a bigger breed. But the majority of dog owners like to see it as a sign of affection. According to experts, sitting on your feet isn’t just a sign of adoration. It’s primarily a way to send a message to other animals that you belong to your dog.

It does this not only by the physical proximity but also by moving your dog’s scent onto you. With the dog seeing you as his, foot sitting can also be a way to protect you, as anybody else who wants to play tough to you has to deal with the dog first. But for some dogs, getting right on top of you, the dog is trying to assert a little control, hoping you won’t leave it.


As social animals, just about all dogs lick to show affection, so the idea that your dog planted one on you because he really loves you isn’t that far off base. In a lot of cases, though, licking happens for more instinctive reasons. It is a way for them to show that they are submissive to another dominant animal. Dogs also enjoy licking as a self soothing behavior, much like little kids will suck their thumbs when they’re upset. Although most dogs use it to groom as well, although certain breeds are more obsessive about it than others. A good lick also can be your dog’s way of trying to get your attention in the hope you spend time with your doggo.

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