5 Best Dog Accessories You Must Have In 2018

Best Dog Accessories For Your Dog In 2018

Hi there! In this article, we are here to tell our favourite and the best dog accessories that you must have before the end of 2018! We hope you enjoy this article and if you do then be sure to drop us a like on our Facebook page where you can keep up to date with everything that is going on here at The Leather Dog Co and never miss an article published by us!

Leather Dog Harness From The Leather Dog Co

Check out our leather dog harness range! The Leather Dog Co have created a range of premium quality leather dog harnesses made using quality soft leather which includes our green, blue, red, grey and tan leather dog harnesses. The leather dog harnesses are made using soft leather for comfort yet built to be extra strong and long lasting. All of our leather dog harnesses have a classic, vintage look whilst also being durable and long lasting. Our range of leather dog harnesses are available in a number of sizes to suit all breeds. All of our products are made to the highest standard and quality possible. All our products are handcrafted here in the UK with all leather and hardware locally sourced ensuring our products are 100% British made with the Made In England stamp on the inside of each product. Complete the set with a leather dog collar and leather dog lead and matching leather poo bag holder.

leather dog harness

Cooling Jacket From Ruffwear

Overheating during the summer can be incredibly dangerous for your pet. And for dog owners who live in hot climates or those who spend long days in the summer sun, keeping a man’s best friend cool is a necessity and is vital for the welfare of your canine friend. The Ruffwear cooling vest is an amazing invention, designed to keep your dog cool during even the hottest of days. To use the Ruffwear, all you do is soak it in cold water before you take your dog out and as the water evaporates, the vest lowers the dog’s temperature. The vest comes in six sizes and attaches at the belly and chest for a snug fit. It also has a reflective piece on top so that it can be used all hours of the day, and can even support an attached flashlight for an extra level of safety. This jacket is massively used across the globe and is a game changing product in order to make sure you’re dog is cool over the summer and heat.

LED Collar My Busy Dog

A long walk before bed is ideal for a good night’s sleep, but if you’re worried about dark streets and your dog’s safety especially during the winter months. The Metal Buckle LED dog collar is a great solution for this issue that comes up. This charged collar comes in seven colors which you can choose from, will stay lit for over a week of one hour walks with a single charge and has three light settings for different flashes. It comes in sizes XS to L, ranging from 10 inches to 23.4 inches for your dog.

Owners especially love how brightly the light shines, stating that it’s easy to spot no matter how dark. It’s a great choice for night walks in areas with no streetlights, allowing passing drivers to spot the dog early on without the need to react shortly. While we wouldn’t recommend this as your dog’s primary collar, it really is a must have to make sure that your dog is safe during walkies.

LED Dog Collar

Leather Dog Box Set From The Leather Dog Co

One of our very own on the best dog accessories list. Every single of our leather dog accessories is made to perfection, it’s handmade and made using the finest leather materials. We want to make a product that is of premium quality to our customers but available at an affordable price. If you buy our leather dog accessory box set you’ll be saving over £80 on the RRP if you were to purchase each one of the products individually. Remember we’re all about giving our clients a 5 star customer service and making sure that they’re 100% satisfied with the product that they receive from us. We source the finest leather that goes into the products we offer, this combines with our awesome designs into great leather accessories. You can mix and match different colours and products and kit out your dog with the latest doggy fashion to treat your dog to the finer walks of life on the park with our collection of products. Make sure you check out this great offer before it’s too late!

red leather dog accessories box set

Water Resistant Dog Shoes From My Busy Dog

This is one of the best dog accessories because if you live in a busy city with a lot of concrete or you want to keep your carpet from getting little paw stains after a huge rainstorm. A good solid pair of dog shoes is an essential accessory for your dog this year. Though they may take some getting used to for your dog at first as you’ll realise if you’ve seen the videos of it online. These ‘My Busy Dog’ shoes will quickly become indispensable during periods of rain or snow. During the cold and wet weather, the pavement will start to be wet and freeze. This means that salt and ice will be found when you’re out on walks, which can be harmful to your dogs paws. But a durable shoe can keep him walking all year long. These shoes come in eight sizes, are made from durable rubber with gripping traction on the bottom and Velcro at the ankle for a perfect fit. If you have a larger senior dog, they can also give him traction on slippery tile or hardwood floors inside.

We hope you enjoyed this article talking about the best dog accessories for your dog in 2018. If you did enjoy this article then be sure to check out the range of different articles that we have on our website. Or why not treat your dog to some Leather Dog Co to some cool accessories in our shop!


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